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Horror Haikuesday: Gratuity

Happy Horror Haikuesday!! Haiku by the talented Patrick Rahall, artwork by me 🙂 Gratuity Um, I need to know How much to tip exorcists. And by Saturday! Today’s reader submitted poem is by Pancake Bunnykins! Also, you should totally check out her blog, it’s not horror, but it […]

Horror Haikuesday: Confession

Welcome to Horror Haikuesday! A happy decaying land of creepy collaboration where Patrick Rahall and one of you loverly readers write the poetry/two sentence stories and I make some artwork to go with it. 🙂 You can check out Patrick’s work by visiting his blog: Confession I […]

Horror Haikuesday: Clown

Welcome to Horror Haikuesday, the collaborative creation of the author Patrick Rahall for the wonderful words and myself for the artwork. Happy Haikuesday! Clown The clown is smiling. And why shouldn’t he be? My blood covers him. And since you guys were awesome enough to leave me a two […]

Horror Haikuesday: Beast

From the team that brought you Two Sentence Story Tuesday comes Horror Haikuesday (Haiku Tuesday). Poem by Patrick Rahall, art by me! (aka Jeanette Andromeda). Beast The last thing I saw Was the creature’s broad smile When it spilled my guts. 2 Sentence Story Tuesday will live on! […]