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Horror Haikuesday: Giant

Happy Haikuesday everybody! I’m going to jump right on into the good stuff today! This first haiku was written by Patrick Rahall and the artwork was created by me. Giant ‘Twas gargantuan; It ate me in just one bite. I’ll digest slowly. This next haiku was submitted by […]

Horror Haikuesday: Faceless

  This first poem was written by Patrick Rahall, artwork was created by me. Faceless He saw it, went mad. Nothing on earth prepared him For the Face of Death.  The next horror haiku was submitted by @tweetsthecreeps onTwitter #HorrorHaikuesday @horror_made @pulphaiku @PatrickRahall Last leaves fall away, Reveal […]

Horror Haikuesday and a poetic collaboration

 Mixing it up today! Today’s Horror Haiku is from @tweetsthecreeps and below that is my half of a collaboration with My project featuring Patrick Rahall will continue on next week 🙂 #HorrorHaikuesday @horror_made @PatrickRahall @pulphaiku I fear I must die If I’m to escape these fiends In my family’s […]

Horror Haikuesday: Cycle

Hello my lovelies, today is the best day of the week, in my humble opinion anyway… Horror Haikuesday!! *trumpets and giant frogs ring out their disinterested symphony of squeals in response to my over-exuberance* Our haiku today is brought to you by the talented word-smith Patrick Rahall who […]